Saturday, October 19, 2019

Introducing Cashback Shopping @ My Favorite Offers * First Up: Receipt Pal

Featured Favorite: Receipt Pal

Well this isn't new, and not new to us, but new in the new area of the my favorite offers sector at Phajii so I need to explain for those who do not know about or what have never heard of all this kind of stuff before. For over a year, me and Kyle have been doing cash back shopping apps, among other apps, and ours past and upcoming on Google Play, and we think it's actually awesome to share this because it gives buyers confidence enough to buy the things you want and need knowing you'll be able to receive cash back and/or gift cards or other perks when you shop. We will add them all here as time permits. It's been useful to us on our budgets and it's helping others and become a huge craze, well yeah! Who wouldn't want to be refunded for their purchases. Let's RE*PEAT that RE*FUNDED, funded repeatedly for shopping, again and again and again, receiving money, not losing it, like buyer remorse would be I wish I could un*do that, or not have done that, because I regret buying it (for whatever reason) and I wish I could get the $ back" explains the totally bad experience we've all had with something we've all experienced in our lives. That would be the undo wish we have when we all shop and get something we later regret buying into. But the refunding and shopper confidence is that even if this happens, there's a way that we can feel secure in our decisions no matter what happens and bought what we chose successfully. Shopper confidence in this aspect means that we know we will love what we got and know that we can get it for a great deal, and get cash back. We're even more likely to buy something if a guarantee is offered, like "even if this happens, I know I'm safe because I've learned to be a savvy shopper and get rewarded, and re*FUNDED, so I won't lose anything, it's a win win!
Well with these apps, submit your receipt, or get your online orders e*submitted with these apps, for cashback on every receipt, it's great to be happy with what you bought, and icing on the cake to get cash back! A lot of these apps have multiple payout options, paypal, visa gift cards, gift cards, direct deposited, so many options. Sure you'll find the one(s) right for you! Check out Receipt Pal  just one of our many favorites.

Have fun and see you next time

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